POLARIS – The magnetic beverage cooler
POLARIS – The magnetic beverage cooler
POLARIS – The magnetic beverage cooler
Your statement for the future.

The magnetic beverage cooler.

Cools with the power of magnets and water. No gases. Less emissions.

Time for a lasting change!

We need magnetic cooling for the green transformation.

The efficiency of existing cooling technology reached a dead end. Coolants stay harmful for flora and fauna.

POLARIS paves the way for sustainable cooling.


of the yearly, global Greenhouse Gas Emissions are caused by current cooling.


billion cooling devices are in use today. 14 billion will be required by 2050.


years we used the same technology. lt cannot meet our future needs.


times more emissions by 2050 with current technology.

Stay cool with POLARIS

POLARIS – The magnetic beverage cooler
  • Stand out from competitors
  • A powerful marketing tool for your brand
  • lncreased product visibility

Cooling with the
power of magnets.

Our beverage cooler contains a special metal which cools down by magnetic fields. Water spreads the cold of the metal within the device – voila ! Cool drinks.

MAGNOTHERM makes the much needed technology shift happen.

  • Easy recycling
  • Non-toxic
  • The better alternative to compressor technology
  • Simplifies your sustainability management

Polaris. For your Brand.

Get POLARIS now!

Big beverage manufacturers already rely on our devices to better position their products and brands.

What about you?

Let’s talk soon about further details. We’re happy to get back to you as soon as we received your contact info.

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Experts for magnetocalorics.

POLARIS – The magnetic beverage cooler

The magnetic beverage cooler POLARIS got invented and built by MAGNOTHERM, a technology company located in Darmstadt.

Pioneers of magnetic cooling
20 years of top research in Germany
A spinoff from Technical University Darmstadt
Knowhow on magnets, magnetocalorics and machine building

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